Birthday parties

“Our handball birthday parties are great fun, energetic, non stop with plenty of games, tournaments and even a water fight”

Activities and Services:
Competitions & Tournaments (4 square, teams or singles)
assive Trophies (handed out for best player and sportsmanship)
Handball Games (4 square, 6 square, singles, King of the court, Deadzone or OUT)
Prizes for all.  iceblocks and Wheel of fortune
Heat & Wet Weather program (including a water fight)
Chairs, cabana, tables, fridge,
$110 + GST per hr per coach 12 kids to 1 coach

Roseville Park, 60b Clanville Rd Roseville or other suitable location

What to Bring:
Sunscreen, hat, water bottle, parents supply own food and party items