Handball Australia

The governing body of School Yard Hand Ball in Australia

The Iconic School Yard Sport played by thousands of students every day

Structured and professional coaching classes and holiday camps

Before, during and after school programs

Competitions & Tournaments

Professional and experienced coaches and administration

Handball is a great development of hand eye co-ordination, endurance, determination and dexterity. Amazing strategy & social skills improvement

Handball ABC Television Show filming now!

Actor’s and Extra’s Wanted

Children and Parents
Must be able to take some days of school
dates: Aug 8th, 10th, 13th, 14th & Sept 17th-20th
Children must be Good at handball
Parents will be in the a stadium cheering
Under 12 years old
Male’s and Female’s
Yes…….you are paid $$$$
Actor/Extra Application form (word doc)
Actor/Extra Application form (pdf doc)